Down sizing? Redefining your style?
Settling an estate? or Just parting with one piece?

Karen's Consignment Gallery makes the process of change simple, pleasant, and profitable for you.

Consigning at Karen's Consignment Gallery is easier, safer, and more profitable than selling on your own. We have a tremendous market for a wide variety of home furnishings, and within no time the right person for your piece will walk through our doors.

Here is how the consignment process works: 

  • Email us pictures of the furniture items you would like us to consider.  Please include any information you have such as manufacturer, age and price paid.  You can email your information to  If you have small items, we encourage you to bring them into the store to be evaluated by one of our team members.  We take consignments Monday through Saturday from 11am until 4pm.  
  • No appointment is necessary for small items.
  • We will review your items and let you know (usually within 24 hours) whether or not we would have a market for your pieces.  We then schedule a date for you to bring your furniture into the store.
  • If needed, we can recommend efficient and reasonably priced movers to transport your items to our gallery. 
  • Once your item is in the store, we will suggest appropriate selling prices and, with your approval, write up a 90-day agreement. 
  • Your items will be showcased appropriately in one of our vignettes and our professional sales team will take over from there.  Our show room is in excess of 8,500 square feet and is frequented by regular customers and interior designers alike. 
  • Once your item is sold you will receive your proceeds after our commission.   All checks are mailed within the first 5 days following the month in which they sold.  Items are marked down 10% after 30 days and another 10% after 60 days. 
  • We have been doing this a long time (our staff has over 80 years combined consignment industry experience) and we know what will sell and at what price.  About 50% of what comes in on any given day sells in the first 30 days and about 90% of the items we take under consignment sell during the 90 day contract period.